Technical Calls:SBI,Bharti Airtel and Hindalco

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State Bank of India

SBI is coming with its results Today at 2 PM.Stock corrected yesterday and near its trendline support

Buy above 2004 Tgt 2018,2045 and 2080

Sell below 1960 Tgt 1931,1920 and 1876


Bharti Airtel


Bharti Airtel is at its 2 years low,corrected from 300 to 250 on volumes (almost 3 cores shares traded in last 2 days,portfolio based selling) in just 2 days as results were pretty bad. Golden Opportunity for Long term investor to put in 20% of there capital and more if stocks corrects down.

Golden rule of Investing:Buy when there is blood on streets.

Buy above 264 Tgt 269,274 and 278

Sell below 254 Tgt 251,248 and 244


Hindalco Industries

Triangle pattern breakout on cards

Buy above 123 Tgt 123.8,124.7 and 125.6

Sell below 121 Tgt 120,119 and 117.6

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