Technical Calls:Reliance Industries,SCI and Rel Capital

Reliance Industries

Reliance is near its resistance of 751 breakout of the same will lead to 762-764 levels

Buy above 751 Tgt 757,761 and 764


Reliance Capital

Rel Capital closed above crucial 200 DMA stock has broken out of channel.

Buy above 346 Tgt 348,351 and 354



SCI has formed 3 white shoulders and is trading above its 50 DMA

Buy above 56 Tgt 56.5,57.3 and 58.7

2 thoughts on “Technical Calls:Reliance Industries,SCI and Rel Capital”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I always mention Spot levels, if futures levels needs to be mentioned i explicitly mention the same…

    Trade if and when level comes and ignore the trade if levels are not coming that the Thump rule we follow.


  2. Sir,
    As you had said today regarding Reliance Industries that it has touch resistance level of 751.It made high of 751.80 in FUTURE.When I checked up at roughly 12pm it was trading somewhere near 747.My question is,still we should buy at this level after it has come down touching it’s resistance level?
    Please advice.
    May God Bless You.

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