Technical Calls:HDFC Bank and IDFC

Trading is one of the few professions where you can deal with a “faceless and no-prejudice market”. It can not be manipulated by any one or group of individuals beyond a certain measure.
You are in such a kind of profession. However, what you do day in and day out has a lot to do with who you are…and what you are..? The emotions that run through your rest of your lives will seep through your trading life too.


IDFC limited has formed a double top pattern at 137. Unable to cross the same will take stock back to 134.8 levels and there we can see one more upmove t break 137 and move ahead.


Buy above 137.1 Tgt 138.2,140.4 and 143.8

Sell below 134.1 Tgt 132.6,131.4 and 130.2




Facing trendline resistance.

Buy above 602.6 Tgt 605,608 and 612

Sell below 599 Tgt 597,594 and 592

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