Technical Call:Bharti Airtel,REC Limited and Titan

To be successful trader Develop a poise in your mind that can withstand all swings of emotions by dealing with your daily challenges/ duties responsibly, confidently.

  • Only a calm mind can deal with a hurricane.
  • Only a faithful mind can receive divinity.
  • Only an obedient person can become a master.

Bharti Airtel

Formed a Doji Pattern near an important support level. Bounce back should be accepted today.

Buy above 248.8 Tgt 250.8, 254 and 256

REC Limited

REC Limited has shown a pullback back to 201. Took Support at trendline support.

Buy above 203.8 Tgt 205.3,207.2 and 209.2

Sell below 201.4 Tgt 200.4,199 and 198.2



Buy above 223 Tgt 224.3,225.5 and 227.3

Sell below 222 Tgt 220.3,218.5 and 216.8

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