Technical Call:Bharti Airtel,REC Limited and Titan

To be successful trader Develop a poise in your mind that can withstand all swings of emotions by dealing with your daily challenges/ duties responsibly, confidently. Only a calm mind can deal with a hurricane. Only a faithful mind can receive divinity. Only an obedient person can become a master. Bharti Airtel Formed a Doji … Read more

Nifty Weekly Chart Analysis for Week Beginning 26 August

Nifty continued with its positive rise 4 week in a row with rise of 20 points WoW basis, gains were trimmed at the end of session. Next week, the market will be focused predominantly on the Jackson Hole Symposium which will start on Wednesday and end on Saturday. Fed’s Bernanke and ECB’s Draghi will be … Read more

Libor Rate Scandal and How was it Manipulated

Libor scam is believed to have occurred between 2007 and 2009, however it came to light only recently in June 2012. The scam revolves around the fact that traders at certain reputed banks tamper with LIBOR rates to suite their respective trading positions. LIBOR is an important rate that influences many financial instruments. In addition … Read more

Ten Common Reasons Traders Lose Discipline And How To Avoid Them.

There is very little that is new in the world of trading psychology but mastering the basics and mastering our mind is essential if we are to develop as highly efficient traders. The following are common discipline issues and suggestions to counteract them. Discipline is needed if you are to succeed as a Equity,Commodity or … Read more

FII Derivative Data Analysis for 24 August Trade in Nifty Future

Nifty has rallied 3.8% in August Series, many analyst including me have pointed out the dismal volume we are seeing,but it should not deter trades to take long calls reasong being  Low volume is reason to doubt the strength of the rally, but you buy bread with realized gains, not doubts or durability.Volumes are low … Read more

Techncial Calls: Ranbaxy,Adani Enterprises and Titan

Ignoring the downside of a trade. Most traders, when entering a trade, look only at the money they think they will make by taking the trade. They rarely consider that the trade may go against them and that they could lose. The reality is that whenever someone buys a futures contract, someone else is selling that … Read more

FII Derivative Data Analysis for 23 August Trade in Nifty Future

1. FII  bought 7345  Contracts of NF ,worth 183 cores  with net OI decreasing by 3965 contracts. 2. As Nifty Future was down by 11  points and OI has decreased by 3965 , FII have started booking profits  Index futures. The way we fell down from 5455 NF suggests profit booking. 3. NS closed at … Read more

What Happened After Europe’s Last Three Currency “Unions” Collapsed

Three of the most notable predecessors to the EUR include the Hapsburg Empire, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. Obviously, these no longer exist. Just as obvious, all of these unions, having spent time, energy, money, and effort to change the culture and traditions of member countries and to perpetuate said unions, had no desire, just … Read more

Technical Calls:Adani Enterprises,IDFC and Bharat Forge

Traders with strong perfectionist tendencies often equate taking a loss with failure. For these traders, a losing trade often marks the beginning of a new cycle of negative internal dialogue that often leads to trades based on frustration instead of what the market is doing. A trader who is less focused on perfectionism and has … Read more