Technical Calls:Cental Bank,Rolta and Delta Corp

Losses are tough.  Errors and mistakes are bothersome.  And, yet there’s almost always a lesson in there if you remain alert to improving.  I’ve always said that mistakes are okay if you acknowledge them and learn from them.  James Joyce said, “Mistakes are portals of discovery.”

As I trade and make mistakes, I say to myself, “I don’t have to do that again.”  And I feel reassured and optimistic about the future. Of course, I do, “do that again”.  We all do.  There are certain default attitudes and positions we naturally fall prey to.  But with an attitude of learning, we do it less and less until we (hopefully) stop repeating the unhelpful thinking and behaving. Live USD INR

Central Bank

Break of 71 will take it to 66 and break of 65 will lead to new 52 weeks low,Resistance at 76.5.


Sell below 71 Tgt 69,66 and 65



Trend Line Breakout at 72

Sell below 72 Tgt 70,68 and 66.5


Delta Corp

20 SMA@58. Break of the same will lead to 50 odd levels

Sell below 58 Tgt 56.3,55 and 53.3

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