Technical Calls:Bank Nifty,Tata Steel and Bharthi Airtel

When you put too much of your ego on the line with your money, you may feel great when you win, but on the other hand, you may feel discouraged when you lose. When you allow your ego to enter your trading, you put subtle pressure on yourself to succeed. This added pressure could compel you to make dumb mistakes like holding on to losing trades to avoid hurting your ego. It’s better in the end to take a professional approach to trading marked by objectivity and rationality. Sure, it is necessary to have a passion for what you do, but it is not necessary to get a swelled head.”


Bank Nifty

Bank Nifty double bottom scenario is in play and bounced back smartly yesterday. Today it willl face the trendline resistance at 10570. Crossing above this will give the first indication Bank nifty will move towards it swing high of 10912.

Buy above 10565 Tgt 10651,10731 and 10768

Sell below 10430 Tgt 10369,10307 and 10217


Bharti Airtel

Tripple Bottom formation with a bullish engulfing candlestick make the case for bullish bias


Buy above 334 Tgt 337,341 and 345

Sell below 329 Tgt 325,322 and 320


Tata Steel

Breakout in Tata Steel above 466.

Buy above 474 Tgt 476,480 and 484

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