Technical Levels:Hindalco,SBI and Bank Nifty

Trading runs in cycles: some good; most bad. Trade large and aggressively when trading well; trade small and modestly when trading poorly. In “good times,” even errors are profitable; in “bad times” even the most well researched trades go awry. This is the nature of trading; accept it.

Bank Nifty

Bank Nifty had a one side rally has resisted today at trendline resistance Made a high of 10307 and is correcting .

Buy above 10307 Tgt 10360,10404 and 10460

Sell below 10218 Tgt 10158,10100 and 100073




SBI is having trendline resistance at 2160 High today is 2162.

Sell below 2117 Tgt 2085,2053 and 2004

Buy above 2166 Tgt 2186,2200 and 2216



facing resistance at its 200 DMA after breakout above 132.

Sell below 153.7 Tgt 151,149.7 and 146

Buy above 159 Tgt 160.7,163 and 166

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