FII FnO Data Analysis for 9 Feb Trade for Nifty Futures

 Below is my Interpretation of FII OI data Sheet for 8-Feb-12.





1. FII bought 6236 Contracts of NF worth 184.34 cores OI also increased by 17268 contracts.

2. As Nifty Futures was up by 33 points and OI has increased by 17K contracts Longs are built into the system .

3. Nifty after Long time showed some volatility for day traders up in morning by 67 points than down to -4 and settled with 33 points of gains.  FII did lot of day trading today as there averge traded price came to 5912 .

4. Yesterday we talked about the bearish engulfing pattern today Nifty formed INSIDE DAY formation which basically indicates a range expansion or a big move is offing in Nifty. Which side the move would be Million Dollar question My Guess I do not know 🙂

5. Nifty has been consolidating in the range of 5330-5400 and the same range i gave on Facebook today, Hope traders were able to make the most of the move. So big move will come on break of either 5320 or a breakout above 5415.

6. Nifty OI has increased   by 4 lakh contract.Total OI stands at 2.56 cores  contracts, 2.6 cores is max OI reached from past 4 months .

7.Total F&O turnover was 1.22 Lakh cores .As we discussed yesterday more FnO turnover will be required to push nifty up and today nifty made a new high onn futures of 5424 and turnover increased marginally.

8. In equity FII bought 384 cores DII sold 424 cores. Now the FII money is slowing down at levated levels as Nifty has risen almost 20% without any significant correction. As i advise and will still advise keep booking profits in your equity allocation which is for short term perpective. 

9. Today FII Option OI saw a reduction of massive 3.7 Lakh contracts,highest in recent time. Some wild moves are on the cards now. This is what i wrote yesterday and today we had wild move in Nifty. Now today FII Option OI has increased by 470097 and today being an inside day so anoterh wild move with range breakout or breakdown is on cards. Be ready for the move !!

10.5500 CE is having highes OI of 64 Lakhs whereas 5200 PE is having the highest OI 76 Lakhs,Below 5220 we will see the first sign of weakness.

11. Heavy Puts writing was seen in 5100-5300 PE in total of 10 Lakhs.

12. FII SAR has increased to 5358 and VWAP at 5273. Shorts below FII SAR levels

Buy above 5378  Tgt 5400 ,5422 and 5450

Sell below 5320 Tgt 5301,5284,5260

All levels mentioned are SPOT levels.

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Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl

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7 thoughts on “FII FnO Data Analysis for 9 Feb Trade for Nifty Futures”

  1. Hi! Brahmesh now what is the next tgt we saw 5450 today on nf and ns gave a new high. These closes are above dtl on weekly. So what is up further

  2. Dear Sir,

    First instance am talking about NF and Second instance am talking about FII Options data which both are diffrence


  3. Dear Sir,

    FII SAR level is for positional traders and its for NF. 5320 NS is for Intraday traders.


  4. Dear Bramesh,

    Please look into point no. 9 once again.
    Initially you have written ” Today FII Option OI saw a reduction of massive 3.7 lakh contract” and later on
    you have written under same point as “FII option OI has increased by 470097”

    Both statement looks to be contradictory.
    Please correct me, if I am wrong……….to correct self understanding.

    Thanks and regards

  5. dear sir,

    I am confused over two short levels. you said Short below FII SAR 5258 and in other level you said to sell below 5320.. these two levels are very different. which one should we short.


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