FII FnO Data Analysis for 8 Feb Trade for Nifty Futures

 Below is my Interpretation of FII OI data Sheet for 7-Feb-12.


1. FII bought 25942 Contracts of NF worth 692.95 cores OI also increased by 23172 contracts.

2. OI has increased by 23172 Contracts the highest in Feb series which now this is intresting as OI has risen to almost 81485 contract in past 2 days and in total they have bought 37509 contracts which means we are left with 43796 contracts. Now  were shorts got created at higher levels we need confirmation on this  .

3. Now lets have a look at Daily chart of Nifty

Nifty has formed a bearish engulfing pattern at the top ie 5413. If you look for previous top which were formed it got started with bearsih engulfing . For pattern conformation we require a   follow up action tommrow with close below 5320.

4. GDP data was a bit lower than expecation and Credit growth has slowed down considebarably. INR came under pressure as it bounced from crucial double bottom support of 48.90 and closed at 49.32.  Macro of Indian economy are still underpressure but liquidity driven rally can extend its legs. So as a trader just have faith on your levels.

5. Nifty OI has increased   by 10 lakh contract.Total OI stands at 2.52 cores  contracts, 2.6 cores is max OI reached from past 4 months so as we discussed yesterday Upside looks capped and today after opening Nifty just corrected. We have also discussed the Possiblity of 5434-50 range being a potential top in our weekly analysis High till today is 5413.

6.Total F&O turnover was 1.18 Lakh cores . Higher FnO turnover indicates preofessional traders selling and selling getting absorbed at higher levels. Now if nifty need to carry on its run more than 1.2 lakh cores of turnover is required. More money will be required to push nifty up

7. In equity FII bought 618 cores DII sold 854 cores. DII used Nifty higher levels to increase there selling.

8. Today FII Option OI saw a reduction of massive 3.7 Lakh contracts,highest in recent time. Some wild moves are on the cards now.

9. 5400 CE is having highes OI of 59 Lakhs whereas 5200 PE is having the highest OI 75 Lakhs,Below 5220 we will see the first sign of weakness.

10. 5500 CE added 9 lakh in OI with rpemium being 37 and 4900 PE added 7.7 lakh in OI with premium being 10 rs.

11. Average Buy Price for Option is 5671 and Average Sell price 5662 which means most of activity happened on Higher price so 5500 CE is highlighted. So Keep a close watch on 5500 CE , Smart money has either sold it or bought it. MY guess they have sold it.Let the market confirm the view.

11. Heavy Puts writing was seen in 5100-5300 PE in total of 17 Lakhs.

12. FII SAR has decreased to 5331.29 and VWAP at 5260. Shorts below FII SAR levels

Buy above 5365  Tgt 5391 ,5422 and 5450

Sell below 5320 Tgt 5301,5260,5226

All levels mentioned are SPOT levels.

Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl

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12 thoughts on “FII FnO Data Analysis for 8 Feb Trade for Nifty Futures”

  1. Hi Bramesh,

    Its really going very interesting to know the levels in advance.. Also a big thanks for the caution words about bearish engulfing pattern emerged.

    I will be careful about it and go with your study..

    Keep posting on facebook if possible during the day as well..

    We can take good benefit out of it…

    Thanks once again..

    Vivek Mhaskar

  2. Dear Bramesh,

    At point no. 12 you have mentioned that “FII SAR has increased to 5331.29” while in yesterday analysis FII SAR value was given as 5333, which is more than today value.

    So there may be some typographic error either in “FII SAR value” Or it should be “decreased” in place of “increased”.

    Please correct me, if I am wrong.

    Thanks and regards.

    Chandra Mohan Gupta

  3. Bramesh sir
    great analyis sir. It is really helpful. I have never seen this kind of indepth analysis. Great sir. Everyday me and surely other followers are just wait for this f&o analysis of you. Thnk you sir

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