FII FnO Data Analysis for 15 Feb Trade for Nifty Futures

 Below is my Interpretation of FII OI data Sheet for 14-Feb-12.


1. FII bought  7095 Contracts of NF worth 190.93 cores OI also decreased  by 5137 contracts.

2. As Nifty Futures was up by 20  points and OI has decreased by 5137 contracts means profit booking was done by FII.

3. What Nifty has done from past 7 days. It has been consolidating in a tight range of 100 points from 5320-5428. Sideways market are followed by a trending market.This phase is worst phase for traders as they buy in anticipation of breakout and sell in anticipation of breakdown and gets whipsawed on both ends. Best Strategy let the market decide what it wants to do and than go with flow. Money Saved is money earned.

4.Nifty Futures has made a high 5454,but Nifty Spot was unable to cross 50% fall from the highs. ie From High of 6338 to low of 4532 Nifty should retrace 50% which also comes at 5437,Nifty made a high of 5428 yesterday.

5. Nifty OI has decreased   by 4.5 lakh contract.Total OI stands at 2.42 cores  contracts.

6.Total F&O turnover was 1.03 Lakh cores  and total number of contract traded were 2.41 lakhs which was lowest contract traded till date in Feb series. Volumes are getting less on upside.

7. In equity FII bought 1030 cores DII sold 408 cores.Foreigners Keep buying Indian equity and Indian MF keeping selling them 😉

8.5500 CE is having highest OI of 73 Lakhs whereas 5300 PE is having the highest OI 77 Lakhs,Below 5320 we will see the first sign of weakness.

9. 5400 PE added 15 Lakh in OI which shows the confidence of Bulls. market can surprise with a shake off of weak bulls.

10. FII SAR has increased to 5418 and VWAP at 5315.

Buy above 5430  Tgt 5450,5476 ,5500 and 5520

Sell below 5406 Tgt 5386,5351 and 5328

All levels mentioned are SPOT levels.

 Either be with trend or stay out but never be against the trend to be in market for long period of time.

Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl

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