Techncial Calls:Educomp,Hind Oil and Coal India


Trading range between 172-229. Stock can be sold at cmp with sl of 229.5

Sell below 220.3 Tgt 216 and 212

Coal India

Coal India is facing trendline resistance and 200 DMA@357. Stock can be shorted at cmp with sl of 357

Sell below 356.5 Tgt 49,344 and 337 Sl 357




Trendline resistance @116.7

Buy above 116.8 Tgt 118.6 and 120

Sell below 113.6 Tgt 110.6,108

8 thoughts on “Techncial Calls:Educomp,Hind Oil and Coal India”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I give levels for Spot and Stock which are in FnO segment which i generally cover you can short them in Futures based on levels given in SPOT.


  2. Thanks for your reply..!

    If all these buy/sell levels are of Stock Spot Level then how can we carry/hold short postional call in cash market

  3. Hi!

    Really impressed with your analysis. You do technical calls brillantly…Hats off to your job….Thanks for your support.
    I have doubt that these above levels are spot or future. Please clarify….Thanks in advance

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