Technical Calls:Bata India,Infosys and Polaris Software

Polaris Software



Polaris Software took support at 114 -115 range which is the lower end of trading zone. Volumes were less than average on a declining day, so which shows lack of interest of traders to break the range.

Bounce Back can be expected as Polaris held its low.

Buy above 116.7 Tgt 119.5,121.2 and 123


Infosys Limited

Infosys Limited has been grinding in the range of 2650-2750 from past 7 trading session. This is much expected consolidation as Infy is trading near its trend reversal level of 200 DMA.

 Above 200 DMA Bulls survive and Below 200 DMA Bears Rule

Fight for trend reversal will end soon with infy either moving above 2755 or breaking below 2650. Volumes are low on declining day and High of Rising day giving indication strong hands are accumulating stock at lower levels.

Buy above 2706 Tgt 2728,2755 and 2785

Sell below 2680 Tgt 2650,2615




Bata India is another stock looking for trend reversal as its trading near its 200 DMA. Just a quick look at chart shows how is the importance of 200 DMA.

Buy above 548 Tgt 556,567 and 578

Sell below 539 Tgt 534,526 and 512

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