Technical Calls:Bank Nifty,RIL and SBIN

Today 30/12/2011 is the last trading day,Once the day gets over try to spend atlesat 1 hour to analyse your trades done throughout the year.

Losses Made — Learn from them instead waning why the loss happened and promise not to repeat those mistakes again

Gains Made — Learn from them and try to repeat such trades again.

Learn Assimilate and implement your analyses from next year and Promise yourself you will emerge as a Better trades both intlectually and finaccilly in 2012.

My Best Wishes to every trader and Wishing you all profitable 2012.

Good trading is not about being right, it’s about trading right. If you want to be successful, you need to think of the long run and ignore the outcomes of individual trades.

Bank Nifty

Bank Nifty holding the downward facing trendline it can arrest the fall and show a decent bounce back.

Buy above 8140 Tgt 8201,8264

Sell below 7985 Tgt 7899,7812


Reliance Industries

RIL we covered 2 days before stating below 742 things look bad and yesterday it made a new 52 week low. Now RIL is at a crucial juncture if you look at 3 years chart RIL took support at its breakout area in 2009 so 707 becomes a crucail support.

Previous Resistance becomes Support in Downtrend

 Buy above 715 Tgt 719,725 and 731 Sl 705

Long Term Investor should enter 20% at current level.


SBIN broke below 1637 but unable to close below 1571 and yesterday came back in the range of 1633 signifying that momentum on downside fading off. Long term investor can buy  at current levels at least deploy 20% of capital.

Bear Markets are best opportunities to make long term portfolio.

Buy above 1637 Tgt 1669,1692 and 1721

Sell below 1618 Tgt 1600,1571 and 1553


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  1. Sl is money you are willing to looses in a trade and every trader should decide on its own. Sl range is .5-1% for any trade


  2. Dear,
    than2s for your valuable outlook and advices. if possible please give stoploss for each trade discussed. thanks once again.

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