Technical Analysis:RIL,ICICI Bank and TCS

A common phase for newer or struggling traders is to become fixated on a particular view, possibly becoming a little too rigid in their approach. I’m not advocating a wishy-washy approach here, just pointing out that the market itself is not moved by precision and logic, but by perception and emotion.  Successful discretionary trading requires an approach that is adaptive.


ICICI bank has seen a fall from its resistance at 952 to 816  816 is the trendline support on lower side. Fall came on big volumes so it becomes the ideal cadidate for shorting at higher levels for short term traders but now we will play for relief rally in ICICI bank.

ICICI Bank is oversold on Hourly and daily chart.

Buy above 831 Tgt 846,857 and 868


Reliance Industries

RIL is struck in the range of 850-903 levels as its consolidating its move from 761-905.

RIL resistance/Laxman Rekha  comes at 200 DMA @899

Range trading is one of the most frustrating,confusing for short term traders  as it gives you an indication of showing breakout but sell off from resistance 🙂

Best Strategy Buy Weakness ie. Support and Sell Strength ie. Resistance with a SL


Buy RIL above 889 Tgt 894,899 and 905 

RIL unable to close above 905 will again get struck in range and will move to lower end till 850


Tata Consultancy Limited

TCS is trading above its upper rising trendline marked in Blue and on Friday closed above its 200 DMA1111 which is bullish in short term.

Resistance comes at downward trendline which joins 1245,1205 and 1146.

Above 1146 TCS will break the lower low formation and becomes a candidate of Breakout trade.

Buy above 1146 Tgt 1160 and 1179

Short term Traders use dips till 1111 to Buy in TCS

If unable to close above 1146 it can correct till 200 DMA and closing below that will be bearish

Sell below 1110 Tgt 1092 and 1078

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2 thoughts on “Technical Analysis:RIL,ICICI Bank and TCS”

  1. Hi Bramesh,

    Nice update.I agree with your statement “Markets defy Logic”.This plays havoc on traders with rigid views.This very statement again portrays the need of a logical trading system by traders with systematic approach.This is where traders can find an escape route for their wrong trades when market are against them.One most wanted quality for trader is an unbiased view on market and this gives a thought to trade on both sides of the market instead of being stuck on a rigid view.It will also end a painless wait for traders to come at their stuck position levels in market.


    K B Raut

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