Technical Analysis:Nifty,Infy and Biocon after Global Sell off

Greece is back in Lime Light again with the surprise annoucment by its PM PAPANDREOU


Why is this so market un-nerving news reason Being PM has asked the Greeks to vote for the  the austerity measures his government has  taken and Do GREEKS LIKE it or not.

A Poll conducted suggests 60% people are against the Austerity measures and if VOTING outcome is NO Greece will not take the Bailout fund by EU and has to default.

Lets look How Nifty looks technically

On daily charts Nifty is still in uptrend from the rally which started from 5038.

Nifty Daily

As seen from the above Chart Nifty finally filled the Gap 5235-5320 after 3 Months and took support@5038 and Bounced from the lows . Today we are likely to open Gap down near 5200.

Technically for Nifty to maintain its up trend it need to touch its breakout levels ie.5169 once to make weak Longs exit the market.
Below 5169 the current uptrend will end. Nifty has rallied almost 700 Points from the low of 4720 in 17 trading sessions Hence Profit Booking was expected which took place in term of gap filling.

Nifty Fibonacci

As can be seen from above Chart Fibo retracement from 5038-5400 38.2% comes at 5174 so below 5174-5169 uptrend ends and Hence should be SL for all Long trades.

Trading Levels for 2 Nov

Buy above 5248 TGt 5269,5300,5311 and 5324

Sell below 5218 Tgt  5200,5174 and 5145

Levels Mentioned are SPOT Levels




Infosys formed a DOJI candle yesterday 2811 is the most important level to watch as trading below it will make Infy to fill the gap between 2811 and 2780 as pointed out in the chart above. 2818 is 200 DMA for Infy so 2811-2818 becomes important support levels and close below it will be bearish for the stock.

Sell below 2811 Tgt 2774,2745 and 2707


Biocon is trading in a parallel uptrending channel as shown in above chart.Stock did a brief breakout on intraday basis above the channel for a swing high of 369 but unable to sustain above the levels and fell back in channel and trading towards the lower trading range now.

Sell below 346.5 Tgt 344.6,341 and 336

Buy above 349.8 Tgt 353,355 and 358

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  1. Dear Dinesh,

    Volatas huge accumulation is going so its looks good for a long term investment perceptive technically.

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    Your Technical Analysis is always bang on target. Thanks for your regular advice through your e-mails.



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    Your prediction on Nifty today was on target. Your advise is a guiding light in the darkness of Nifty day trading. Kindly keep updating your site as you do always.

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