Monthly Archives: November 2011

China cuts bank reserve ratio by 50 bps

By | November 30, 2011

BEIJING: China’s central bank cut the reserve requirement ratio for its banks on Wednesday for the first time in nearly three years to ease credit strains and shore up activity in the world’s second-largest economy. The 50-basis-point cut in the reserve ratio showed China’s monetary policy has swung into easing mode as economic growth slows… Read More »

Technical Analysis:Bank Nifty,HUL and Reliance

By | November 28, 2011

You can succeed in trading only if you handle it as a serious intellectual pursuit. Emotional trading is lethal. To help ensure success, practice defensive money management. A good trader watches his capital as carefully as a professional scuba diver watches his air supply. Bank Nifty Bank Nifty has been trying to close above its… Read More »

Nifty Weekly Technical Analysis for Week Begining 28 November

By | November 27, 2011

As per Weekly Technical Analysis for 9 November (Click on Link) we have discussed the possibility of heading back to 4720 and breaking the levels again with a simple Logic of 200 and 50 DMA. You can read the full post by clicking on above link. My article for MACD have been published in Futures… Read More »

Technical Chart:Shopper Stop,Pantaloon and Bharti Airtel

By | November 25, 2011

GOI has approved FDI in retail sector a big move towards liberalization and reform. The government paralyses is coming to an end. All Retails Stocks Like Pantaloon,Shopper Stop will be in focus today. Cabinet today cleared the bill to increase foreign direct investment to 51% in multi-brand retail and 100% in single brand. As per… Read More »

Technical Chart Check:Bharti Airtel,TCS and TELCO

By | November 23, 2011

I simply cut my losses and by doing so kept them small. I’ve had my share of bad decisions in my trading career and keeping losses small in order to avoid huge losses is the toughest part. Why is that so? From a psychological point of view nobody wants to sell at a loss as… Read More »