Trading Calls:Reliance,SBI and BHEL

Unsuccessful Traders  would rather lose money than admit they’re wrong. What is the ultimate rationalization of a trader in a losing position? “I’ll get out when I’m even.

Why is getting out even so important? Because it protects the ego.

I became a winning trader when I was able to say, “To hell with my ego, making money is more important.”


BHEL is facing resistance at its 50 SMA @342. Move above this will be sharp

Buy above 342 TGt 347 and 353


RIL is heading towards breakout above 852.

Buy above 852 Tgt 858,868,875 and 888

Sell below 842 Tgt 833,826,822 and 815



SBIN is forming a falling Wedge formation with breakout above 1900 which will target 1976-2000

Buy above 1885 TGt 1915,1959 and 2003

Sell below 1836 Tgt  1792,1757

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