Nifty Weekly Technical for Week Starting 31 Oct

Last week was a Big Bang Diwali fireworks happening on Dalal Street. Nifty after 10 Weeks of Consolidation broke the 5169-4720 range and and After breaking the range with support of global market we are trading back to 5400 Levels. Many of Traders are Struck with shorts around 5150-5200 Levels and were left surprised with … Read more

Technical Levels:Nifty,M&M and RIL for Muharat Trading Session

Muhurat trading is the auspicious stock market trading for an hour and Half on Diwali (Deepawali).Today Session is from 4:30-6 PM The practice of muhurat trading has been retained and observed for ages. It is a ritual the trading community has retained with its past. It is a symbolic ritual which has been performed for … Read more

Technical Analysis for Bank Nifty and SBI ahead of RBI Policy

Define your trades and your trading plan (discipline), and stick with your trading plan (self-control). The justified wins you receive from following your plan with help you develop an unwavering pattern of disciplined and controlled trading.   Today is all important  India Reserve Bank meeting: Markets expect the repo and reverse repo rates to get … Read more

Nifty Expiry Levels for October Series

  Nifty Daily Chart       Lets first look at Which side will have maximum pain Nifty High October Series :5162 Nifty Low for October Series:4728 Middle Points of October Series: 4945(5162+4728/2) Range:434 Points So Below 4945 Bulls are in Pain and above 4945 Bears are in Pain. Nifty Current Price:5098.35 which means Bears … Read more

NIfty Weekly Technical Analysis for Week starting 24 October

The RBI has thrown everything in its arsenal at stubborn inflation. But prices refuse to budge. The latest food inflation number, based on the wholesale price index, came in 10.6% higher from a year earlier. All eyes are now on the central bank, who meets 25 Oct to decide its latest monetary policy stance. Is … Read more

Technical Analysis:RIL,ICICI bank,DLF and ABAN

Discipline is directly related to the bottom line of a trader’s account. The Professional Trader keeps a high focus on being disciplined and sticking to his system. He disciplines himself by constantly having the thought of making money and being positive at the end of the month in the forefront of his mind. This way … Read more

Technical Chart Check:Larsen and Tubro,ICICI bank and Infosys

Trading is not a sprint; it is boxing. The market will beat you up, screw with your head, and do anything it can to defeat you. But when the bell sounds at the end of the twelfth round, you must be standing in the ring in order to win. Keep it simple. Simple time-tested methods … Read more

Nifty and Bank Nifty trading Levels

Get To Know Yourself “The perfect trader-if such a person exists-is methodical and careful about making decisions, extremely disciplined, resilient to setbacks, with a high degree of internal confidence.  He holds strong opinions but is also able to admit quickly when he is wrong, not take it personally, and view it as a learning opportunity … Read more