Is Trading System required for Traders?

As mentioned in Earlier Article, trading is not about the big winners but the small consistent winners that add up over time to become very impressive annualized returns.


For example, if you use a strategy that produces a 10% monthly net return, that translates into an annual return of 120%!.Means Doubling your money in an Year  Little frequent victories win the war.


The underlying philosophy of trading is to design a trading system which can provide a higher than chance win-loss ratio together with a strict set of trading rules that will allow the trader to trade mechanically and divorce-as much as possible-trading from human emotions.


Developing a trading system is the central core of trading. A trading system is a set of procedures and rules designed to provide a specific recipe for trading. Some people like to call it a trading methodology but in reality it is a set of clearly defined rules and procedures for trading.

The end result is to create a system that if implemented consistently on every trade will result in a higher than chance win-loss ratio.

A trading system should be in constant evolution with the spirit of reaching for perfection. But because of the “chaos factor” of the effect of infinite permutations of variables, perfection is not possible.


As many in the trading field like to say: “there is no Holy Grail in trading system and Please stop searching for a perfect system.


As the market is loaded with chaos factors (the unexpected), few trades go exactly as planned. But this fact is an important driver in the continuing learning and tweaking process.


Once a system has been developed and tested over time by the use of paper trading, a trader develops a sense of the reliability of the system and builds the necessary confidence needed to develop the “faith in the system” and formulate trading into more or less a mechanical event.


In summary, the underlying philosophy of trading is to design a trading system which can provide a higher than chance win-loss ratio together with a strict set of trading rules that will allow the trader to trade mechanically and divorce-as much as possible-trading from human emotions.


STOP Trading Based on Your EMOTIONS,Have a Plan and System to trade else you will keep on loosing money.


As a part of Trader’s Intiative I have started sharing my trading system for Both Intra day and Positional Trades for Nifty/Stocks which are thoroughly back tested and we do trading based on that only.

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  1. can you please send the trading system details for positional trade in nifty futures, whether it works on amibroker or any other platform and any cost?

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    Can you send me details of your trading system. arvind1975 at yahoo dot com.


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    I regularly read our articles. very fantastic articles. I’m fan of our articles on trading and psychology.
    can you please send your trading system ?

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    I am silent reader of your blog since many months. I am in market from last 4 years. But still away from consistant profit. I have seen your analysis is just WOW.

    I am interested in your Trading System.

    Pls mail me details with pricing.


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    Please mail me the details of your system along with the pricing.

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    Prasoon Swarup

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    I would be glad if u could help me to send a trading system for eod on stocks and on nifty.

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    I have sent you the course details. Please let me know if you have any clarification.


  8. Dear Bramesh Ji,
    I am a regular trader, doing my trading using moving avg with increasing volume strategy. Sometime I fail.
    Please guide your strategy or technique; I will be very thankful to you. Or any new idea if you can provide, my email id is

    Atanu Naskar

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    i recently came across ur site, its too good is to say d least… i am new to trading n actually exploring to have a trading sys in place, so it would be useful if u could send me d details….
    as well, i would like to know about ur course too..

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    Could you please send me your trading system.
    Though I am long term investor, planning to do trading, hence learning and studying your blogs.
    Bharat Shukla

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    Pl mail me the details of ur strategy and if you have any options trading strategy for Intraday….


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    I have been fighting to develop some kind of decipline,if you could please mail set of rules which could help.

    i shall be thankful for same.

  13. Yes its an training which i need to do to explain my system.

    If i just send it across you will never be able to execute trades as without knowing in and out of system it would be difficult to trade on system


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    plz let me know the trading system.
    plz send it to my mail id

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    I am purely intraday trader & do my trades only in indices.kindly share your plan so that I can further modify & improve it and correlate it with your study



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    Please send me the details of your trading system. I am very much interested. I am following you on facebook. My email I trade only in nifty future and copper. Pure intraday.

  17. Please sent me the details buddy.

    I am reading your blog from last 1 week for nifty future/options alongwith equities and appreciate the effort and helping approach of yours in updating/circulating the details on regular daily basis .

    thank you.


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  19. Dear Bramesh Sir,

    I have been following your site for some time now. I have lost quite a bit of money based on my instincts/emotions, and firmly believe that a proper strategy for trading can be the difference and should be there at all stages of the market… one should have a system and have the belief to follow it.
    It would be very kind of you to share your system, so that I can have your inputs on developing a proper trading systm…


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    I am Srinivas Harkara from Hyderabad. I spoke to you 2 days ago. Pl send detalils of your trading system and details of services offered by you.

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    To day is Ekadasi and i have received your mail and i will try to learn thanks for your support

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    Kindly send me the details of your trading system to my email id
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    There is no Free Lunch. I would be personally assisting you in learning concepts and most importantly making you understand
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  29. I was really wondering how some one can share their ideas for free. Thanks Brahmesh for your email no I understand nothing comes free :-).

  30. Brahmesh — impressed on you knowledge and am humbled by your efforts to teach others. Could I request you to mail details of the trading system at

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