Trading Calls on STC,ACC and Areva

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ACC is forming upper trend line resistance at 893 levels as seen in the chart above. Stock needs more than average volume to break out of the range.Indicator are moving in Bullish region.

Buy above 893 Tgt 900 and 912

AREVA  T&D Limited

Areva is taking support at 50 DMA and facing a trendline resistance as shown in charts,Indicators point towards an up move for a move till 300+

Buy above 293.7 Tgt 294,296.10 and 300.2

The State Trading Corporation

STC showed a huge move today with good volumes on talks of disinvestment.Will it continue the rally?

Technically stock is at its 200 DMA and till it did not crosses and closes above that no point in buying this (Can be shorted though).

Buy above 423 Tgt 430 437 and 446

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