Nifty Weekly View

Nifty rallied almost 6% from tuesday low of 4786 and being an expiry week rallied 4 trading session out of 5. For the coming week as we can see from the Daily Chart attached we have 2 resistance visible on chart. Middle Bollinger band where we are facing resistance which is placed around 5077 Trend … Read more

Stanchart -Indian Depository Receipts

Standard Chartered Bank  is issuing Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs) and hopes to raise about Rs.2,250 from the domestic capital market. This news has made waves in Market as it is first time any foreign company/bank is hitting our Indian Stock market to raise money. I was also awed on hearing the term and searched on … Read more

Trade with Relative Strength Index (RSI)

What is an Oscillator An oscillator is a leading technical indicator which fluctuates above and below a center line and normally has upper and lower bands which indicate overbought and oversold conditions in the market (an exception to this would be the MACD which is an Oscillator as well). What is RSI The RSI is … Read more

Nifty Weekly Technical

Nifty Weekly Technical as we can see in daily chart Nifty is stuck between the Range of 5202 on downside and 5342 on Upside.So as of Now it did not Break this range Nifty Traders should use this range to Buy at Lower end of Range and Short at Higher End Of Range. Nifty Resistance:5342 … Read more