LIC Housing and Jindal Saw and TATA Steel Technical Analysis

LIC Housing Finance Stock has moved out of its down ward slopping channel as shown in the Chart, which means LIC Housing is up for a good amount of upside. Stocks are moving and broke the slopping channel with a good amount of volumes. RSI and MACD are showing good amount of strength, As the … Read more LIC Housing and Jindal Saw and TATA Steel Technical Analysis

ICICI Bank,ABAN,Sterlite Industries Technical Analysis

ICICI Bank After breaking the crucial 200 SMA support stock was pounded by bears and than came the BOR news which gave more reasons for bears to pound the stock.Now we are having a good support at 200 EMA .Stock held support of 810 for 2 days and looks like there is strength is emerging … Read more ICICI Bank,ABAN,Sterlite Industries Technical Analysis

Stanchart -Indian Depository Receipts

Standard Chartered Bank  is issuing Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs) and hopes to raise about Rs.2,250 from the domestic capital market. This news has made waves in Market as it is first time any foreign company/bank is hitting our Indian Stock market to raise money. I was also awed on hearing the term and searched on … Read more Stanchart -Indian Depository Receipts

Short term Trading Calls

SESA GOA Sesa Goa has made broken 100 DMA with huge volumes,Stock shall consolidate or show a small upmove till 100 DMA before starting next round of selling till it reached near 200 DMA as mentioned in charts. We can trade this stock on both upside and downside but as of now RISK to REWARD … Read more Short term Trading Calls

Trade with Relative Strength Index (RSI)

What is an Oscillator An oscillator is a leading technical indicator which fluctuates above and below a center line and normally has upper and lower bands which indicate overbought and oversold conditions in the market (an exception to this would be the MACD which is an Oscillator as well). What is RSI The RSI is … Read more Trade with Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Technical Trading Ideas

ICICI Bank buy above 50 SMA which is at 938 levels for a Target of 952 and 977 Stock can also be added in Pullback near 913 SBI is facing multiple resistance around 2325 levels as indicated in chart Buy at pullback around 2300 levels for a tgt of 2348 2378 and 2432 Levels HINDALCO … Read more Technical Trading Ideas

Nifty Weekly Technical View

Nifty charts had formed continuous Hammer Patterns on the chart. Hammer candlesticks are formed when a security moves significantly lower but bulls retraced back from those lows to reach near the open. By day end buyers were able to push prices back to the upper range creating a short body candle with a long shadow. … Read more Nifty Weekly Technical View

Short-Term Trading

ICICI Bank Attached is the Daily Chart of ICICI Bank as Observed from the chart Stock has taken a multiple support at 913 levels and than staging a rally.Stock has formed a DOJI pattern as on Friday and also facing resistance at its a trenline,Forming a Falling Wedge Kind of Chart,If stock Breaks the trendline … Read more Short-Term Trading