NMDC Technical Analysis

NMDC has been in news for all wrong reasons in coming few days and stock took severe beating starting from 500 levels to around 280 odd levels in around a month time frame. Looking at the daily chart of NMDC stock looks quiet oversold on charts and bounce back to the channel top is immmenient. … Read more NMDC Technical Analysis

Nifty Weekly Technical View

Nifty Weekly Technical view is present as below: 1. Market are showing good strength and trading well above 5 EMA. 2. RSI is showing negative divergence 3.Nifty is very near to its 52 week high of 5311 and facing quite a high resistance at 5290 4.Nifty is moving in a channel and will find support … Read more Nifty Weekly Technical View

More Intrest on Savings Account

Hi all, Coming 1st April there will be a change in method of calculation of interest on your savings account as directed by The Reserve Bank of India. Lets first understand how Banks Calculate Rates currently on your Saving Account 3.5 per cent per annum or 0.29 per cent per month on the minimum balance … Read more More Intrest on Savings Account

Patni Computer @Higher top formation


Patni Computers is forming Higher top formation on daily charts and taking trend line support as shown in the charts Attached. Stocks is facing a tough resistance around 530-34 zones and if that levels got crossed we may see a quick move to levels of 542 and 549. Support for the stocks comes around the … Read more Patni Computer @Higher top formation

Chennai Petroleum Technical Study

Chennai Petroleum has been consistently making higher lows (as can be seen in the chart above). It was trading in a range for the last few weeks and has made multiple tops between Rs.253-256.50. The stock seems to be breaking out of this range and looks set to head upwards in the days to come. … Read more Chennai Petroleum Technical Study

Advance Decline Ratio

The advance/decline ratio (A/D ratio) shows the ratio of advancing stocks to declining stocks. The benefit of using the advance/decline ratio is that it is a constant number, Interpreting Advance Decline Ratio Interpreting the advance/decline ratio can prove to be a difficult task. The ratio will move erratically and on quick glance it is a … Read more Advance Decline Ratio

Day light Saving Time 2010 begins today

 Daylight Saving Time begins today , On Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 2 a.m., Daylight Saving Time begins in the United States.The phrase “Spring forward, Fall back” is best and it will help people understand that during spring the keep the clock one hour ahead and in fall they keep the clock 1 hour back … Read more Day light Saving Time 2010 begins today

Real Time DATA in Amibroker for Free

Hi All, This is the way I take free REAL Time Data from yahoo ( free of any 3rd party progs or plugins) only with amiquote and amibroker. VERY VERY IMP FIRST YOU TAKE A FULL BACKUP OF YOUR AMIBROKER DIRECTORY . This is very important. We now start with the operation Realtime Yahoo Free … Read more Real Time DATA in Amibroker for Free