Nifty Weekly Technical

Nifty Daily Charts are attached as above as it can be easily intrepretted from charts we are seeing a trendline support at 4850 levels.It that support is held and we close aboce 4950 for 2 days we are heading towards the 5050 and 5100 Levels. For Tuesday trading session Long positions may be taken in … Read more

Canara Bank Flag Formation

On Daily Charts 370 levels is providing very good support as shown in Charts So keep a Sl below that Position. On Weekly Charts we are seeing a formation of Flag and Pole Pattern.It is consolidating in the range of 370-395 for few trading Sessions.Once it breaks that level we may see 404 408 and … Read more

Primal Healthcare @Resistance Zone

 In the recent advance of 2009, it thrust above that zone and now in the consolidation zone above that mark. As per the last two weeks price rise, it has formed the fresh buying pivot while the supporting oscillators are also confirming further up move in the near term. So one can accumulate in a … Read more

Budget effect on Sectors and Stocks

Hi All, The Union Budget was announced on 26th Feb. I have compiled the sectors which are impacted by the Budget and the Stocks in the Sector for which it would be an positive or negative effect. Important Highlights of Budget: · Fiscal deficit for FY11 pegged at 5.5% of GDP; rolling targets of fiscal … Read more

Nifty Weekly Technical

The forthcoming week is likely to be highly volatile driven by expectations from the upcomingUnion Budget. The highly eventful week begins with the Railway Budget on 24 Feb 2010 to befollowed by tabling of Economic Survey on 25 Feb and the Union Budget on 26 Feb. Also, theexpiry of Feb derivatives contracts this week will … Read more

Pivot Points Technical Analysis

Introduction The pivot point is the level at which the market direction changes for the day. Pivot Point trading is the most basic in trading and lots of traders use this so market finds support and resistance at Pivot Levels. Pivot Points are support and resistance levels that are calculated using the open, high, low, … Read more

Trader’s Blogs

Nifty RT Charts which are useful for traders while trading Intra day 1. Nify RT Charts 2.Nifty RT Charts With Oscillators 3.Bank Charts 4. BSE RT Charts 5. Nifty Stocks Pivot Levels— A Blog which on EOD basis gives all Pivot levels of all 50 Stocks at a Go. 6. Nifty 4 Pivot Trading System—Pivot … Read more