Black September for Stock Market ?

Black September for Stock Market ? For Stocks, September May Be the Cruelest Month September is fewer than three weeks away. Feeling nervous? Maybe youshould be. For investors, the period between Labor Day and Halloweenis proving an annual fright show. And no one knows why. It was, of course, in September last year that Lehman … Read more

Nifty Weekly Technical View

Nifty daily Charts are showing Bullish Inverted HnS with neckline placed around 43730 levels.If that is crossed with vols we cane see 4780 levels.4800 being 61.8% of fall from 6.2 to 2200 so will defiantly will be a resistance. 61.8% retacement metioned in charts above will prove a significant Resistance.I will like to bring in … Read more

Reliance EOD Charts

Hi All, Reliance took trend line support at 1924 and had a very dull session today,But volumes were OK so this indicates an distribution if market needs to go up RIL will always play a crucial role.Looking at the charts once can take long above 1958 gor a target of 1975 1994. 2000-2010 will … Read more