Nifty Intra Day Trading Strategy

By | May 1, 2009

Hi All,

I am sharing with you a Nifty Intra day trading strategy which many trader follows in Intra day,Before sharing this i will let you know that this is one of the million trading set up and has it own pros and cons.


Go long in Nifty once
3 EMA> 13 EMA>34 EMA SL should be below 34 EMA

Go Short in Nifty once
3 EMA< 13 EMA<34 EMA SL should be above 34 EMA

And RSI if it is above 80 and unable to make new High once can again short and vice versa for taking Long ie.RSI below 20 but this one is bit risky.

It is better to take confirmation from EMA’s and RSI to make a trade that has high Reward.


7 thoughts on “Nifty Intra Day Trading Strategy

  1. Bramesh Post author

    Its 5 mins chart..


  2. ashutosh

    Sorry Bramesh,
    I got answer when i saw chart carefully afterwards.It’s all 3-min/13-min/34-min charts…before i got confused thinking that it’s all 3day/13day/34day closed EMA’s.

  3. ashutosh

    For 3/13/34 EMA strategy, as a day trade what time frame shud b preferred?(To get best results)

  4. Viswanath Mk

    Brahmesh, God Bless you & best wishes for all your efforts.

    I have been using your charts & trading ideas & recovering from losses made.

    Request you put sugar stocks charts in along wit other stocks

    Viswanath MK

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