Gold : 12 reason to short gold

If you’re a self-professed “Goldbug,” feel free to read no further.Or at least spare me your hate mail. Because no matter what I saytoday, I know you’ll cry foul… or something much more colorful. But for those of you with an open mind – especially after my lastthree contrarian predictions proved dead accurate, read on. … Read more

The Dow’s long tail and strong volume Friday indicate buying support. Expect a test of the new resistance level at 7500. Respect would confirm the bear trend, while penetration of 7500 would warn of a possible bear trap.

2 year chart of the Euro/Dollar

A 2 year chart of the Euro/Dollar is shown on Right Side. Notice how it deteriorated since last August. This morning, it was falling and is now $3 away from its recent low. A break below the $123.27 low would be have a very bad prognosis for Europe, its banking system, and its economy.