Twiggs Money Flow indicator warns a trend reversal in Sensex

Chart shows 4 year chart of Sensex with Twiggs Money Flow indicator. Twiggs Moneyflow indicator(13 Week) shows that a drop down below zero with negative divergenceshow the confirmation of trend reversal towards downwards. And this is the third timethe indicator is dropping below zero. Every Upside should be use as an opportunity tobuild shorts with … Read more

Reasons for Investment in Satyam Computers

Satyam Computers The company has seen a severe beating because of a decision to buyout or say bailout Maytas ( satyam = maytas ) infra n maytas properties. This would have meant transferring shareholder money into promoters pockets indirectly whatever be the valuation given. Although such a move has been a major sentimental and reputation … Read more

Nifty 50 and Stock Trading

HI all Hope u all had rocking week as all our calls rocked like anything Educomp gave up some 600 rs per share Keep ur self tuned to This blog from more rocking calls This week nifty can go down and which should be used to buy till 2820 For ur own insurance buy 3100 … Read more

Satyam-Maytas deal fiasco

Satyam means the truth. And Satyam Computers has defied the very name that it stands for. The way the Board of Directors and the promoters have tried to siphon off funds under the pretext of providing capex for the other two group companies – Maytas Infra and Maytas Properties has left the foreign fund managers … Read more