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OutLook For 13-17 Oct

By | October 12, 2008

NIFTY OI PCR IS LOWEST SINCE JUNE 15, 2006-A RAY OF HOPE FOR Recovery Nifty Oct call added 17% in OI at 2.98 Cr shares while put shed 22% in OI at 1.50 Cr shares. On the back of this call writing at higher level strikes and covering of positions by the put writers as… Read More »

Recovery on Cards

By | October 10, 2008

CBOE VIX weekly chart: On most occasions, whenever the VIX IDX hastouched an intermediate high, it’s normally followed by a rally in the US markets. This timetoo, with the VIX hitting a life time high, we may see the US markets producing a bounceback, though it should be clearly stated that such an up move… Read More »