Be wise; invest in SIPs:

By | August 8, 2008 2:35 pm

Any investment decision depends on the risk profile and the goals of the investors. But overall SIPs have been a very prudent way of systematic investment. That way one can choose any of the largecaps. I still strongly believe in the largecaps going forward also. So one can choose funds like Kotak 30, DSP ML Top 100, Sundaram or may be Franklin Blue-chip.

Instead of timing the market what is more important is �time in the market� and specially when an investor chooses SIP, I assume that the investor would be looking for a longer timeframe for the continuous and systematic investment. It is good idea. SIP can be a good idea at any point of time because the SIP as a scheme works on rupee averaging cost and over a period of time it doesn�t matter whether one entered at 16,000 or at 12,000 or even at 18,000. Over a period time the rupee averaging cost works and the investor gets close to the CAGR of the fund.

I have been recommending the largecap at this juncture to all investors. In my largecap I have my fixed recommendations on Kotak 30, DSP ML Top 100, Sundaram Select Focus.

Investing in SIP is just like Spending on Yourself Make it as your one of the General Expenses per month just like spending on Laundary etc.In a longer term it will help you to get a lumpsome share of money.
Belive in The power of Compounding.
A Ruppee saved is Rupee Earned.

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