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What is Swing trading technique?

By | February 2, 2013

“Trend is Your Friend” , “Never Challenge the Trend” are true market adage and doctrine for traders. But when one looks at History of Financial market be it be stocks,commodity or Foex , Market does 80% of move in 20% of time   and remaining 80% of time they are in non-trending, or “sideways” fashion.… Read More »

Stock Trading Recommendations:SBI,IDFC and Jain Irrigation

By | December 18, 2012

In the world of stock trading there are Master Traders who have control over their emotions and then there are the Gambler traders who buy and sell based purely on emotion whether they realize it or not. A Master Trader combines the skill of a chess player who anticipates an opponent’s moves and plans his… Read More »

Intraday Swing Calls:Dish TV,NCC and BHEL

By | October 29, 2012

You always want to be careful to ask yourself those questions that will get you where you want to go?  “How can I become a better trader?”  “How else can I become a  better trader?” are both good questions.  Never ask yourself toxic questions such as “Why do I always lose?”  Worse still, “Why am… Read More »

Intraday Swing Calls:Maruti,IDFC and Raymonds

By | October 19, 2012

Anyone who enters the financial markets expecting to be right on most of their trades is in for a rude awakening. If you think about it, it’s a lot like hitting a Four runs in Cricket — the best players only get hits 30 to 40% of the time. But a good player knows that… Read More »