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Trading Stocks with Symmetrical Triangle’s Chart Pattern

By Bramesh | March 9, 2013

A Chart Pattern is a distinct pattern formed on stocks/commodity chart which help in identifying the future price movements. Chart Patterns are broadly classified in two types: Reversal Patten: This pattern signals the previous trend will reverse upon completion of this pattern. Eg double top, Double bottom, island reversal, rounding bottom, Descending triangle Continuation Pattern:… Read More »

Stock Trading Chart: Ranbaxy,Reliance Capital and IDFC

By Bramesh | November 26, 2012

The purpose of trading is to make money. Every action should bend to that goal. That does not mean every trade makes money. It means every trade gets to closer. If you are looking for comfort, get a teddy bear. If you are looking to be right, play trivial pursuit. If you want excitement, drive… Read More »