Nifty Intraday Live Charts

Nifty Index Charts for Traders who do not have access to Live charts. Data is delayed by 3 mins


  1. Nifty RT
  2. Bank Nifty Charts
  3. Nifty EOD Charts
  4. Stocks RT Charts
  5. Nifty Heat map
  6. Nifty VIX RT Chart
  7. Nifty TRIN
  8. SGX Nifty Charts
  9. Mid Cap Stock EOD
  10. Nifty Breadth Chart
  11. BSE RT Chart
  12. Stock Charting Software

8 thoughts on “Nifty Intraday Live Charts

  1. shailesh

    Sir your charts have been removed all the nifty and bank nifty charts…

  2. pankaj564

    it started working . but not updating again … the needful it is very useful….

  3. mittal khara

    Dear Bramesh ji
    I have short position in powergrid future today @131.4 as rsi and macd both showing weakness and also on verge of breaking 13 EMA.what should be my TARGET and S/L.


  4. shekhara awati

    very nice, it is a very helpful for new traders

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