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Trading psychology is ‘something’ that a trader creates from existing personality traits that are not initially related to trading, but surface from trading without method understanding.

Successful traders have a lot to learn from sportsmen

By | March 23, 2017

If you ever met a successful trader one thing you would have noticed most of them in some part of there life were related to sports. What’s the connection between being an  sportsman and stock market trader? I believe it has everything to do with the qualities and the mindset that these individuals have. I… Read More »

Why Trading Goals are Important ?

By | March 22, 2017

Setting clear, specific written goals can have an incredible effect on the levels of performance that you achieve. Goals are desired outcomes. They are what we would like to achieve. In Sportsmind, Jeffrey Hodges states that “only about 5% of people surveyed are goal setters and less than 1% have written down goals”. Given how… Read More »

Trade Outside Your Comfort Zone

By | March 21, 2017

Whenever someone’s perception departs from their expectations, their heart rate inevitably rises – some people handle deviations better than others, but everyone ultimately has a breaking point. We have  always stressed that Trading is doing the same thing again and again , deliberate practice and repetition enables you to work on your trading flaws and determine what… Read More »

Chasing a Trade

By | March 14, 2017

Everyone knows that chasing price is usually not beneficial, we either end up catching the move too late, or we get poor trade location, which makes it more difficult to manage the trade. However, there are other forms of chasing that are just as common, maybe more common, and just as counter-productive. Traders who are… Read More »