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Bank Nifty corrects on time cycle date,EOD Analysis

By | September 21, 2017

As discussed in Last Analysis   Low made today was 24938 so bulls again protected 24940 but failed to close above 25000, so we closed in neutral zone before the outcome of Fed policy also as seen in below chart we closed at the trend change date so expect a good move in bank nifty in… Read More »

Bank Nifty Bulls continue to hold 25000,EOD Analysis

By | September 19, 2017

As discussed in Last Analysis  Bulls need to hold 25000 for a move towards 25200 new life high and move towards 25281/25532. Low made was 24993 so bulls held on to 25000 again closed at 25043, Till 25000 is held bulls have upperhand and can push nifty towards 25281/25532. Bearish below 24940 for a move… Read More »

Bank Nifty Bounces above 25000, Holding Gann Level

By | September 18, 2017

As discussed in Last Analysis Low made was 24791 so bulls continue to hold 24788 even though we had geo political concerns, Till 24788 is held another attempt will be made to reach 25000/25200.Bearish below 24480 for a move towards 24336/24180/24000. Bank Nifty held to 24788 and today was saw a 200 points bounceback and move… Read More »

Bank Nifty EOD Analysis

By | August 23, 2017

As discussed in Last Analysis  High made today was 24127 above our crucial level of 24100 and also above the gann angle line as shown in below chart and unable to close above 24020 we can continue the correction till 23755/23540. Bullish above 24259 for a move towards  only 24480. Bank Nifty opened gap up… Read More »

Bank Nifty continue to close below 24000,EOD Analysis

By | August 22, 2017

As discussed in Last Analysis   Bullish above 24200 for a move towards 24450-25500. Bank Nifty move above 24200 was mostly like an Emotional Spike but failed to do the target of 24450 and triggering the Stoploss. Bears got active below 24100 and did 23963 and now waiting for 23755/23633/23540. High made today was 24127 above our… Read More »