What to Do after Trade is completed

By | February 20, 2017

How to Prepare for a trading day

After the trade is completed

4 Things can happen

  1. Trade went into Loss
  2. Trade Hit SL and went up and Hit your target
  3. Trade was draw no profit no loss.
  4. Trade was profitable and you made money.

A winning trade is almost worse than a losing trade due to the fact that it can make us over-confident and even ‘arrogant’ about our trading, which in turn causes trader to enter low-quality trades soon after a winning trade.The more successful you are at  your trades, the more convinced you become that you’re doing it right. This Typically happens when you take a directional bet and market goes in your favor.  The more convinced you are that you’re doing it right, the less open you are to change. Change is inevitable in Stock Market, Trending markets can turn into Sideways and Choppy and vice versa.

Also the Trades where you Hit SL and turns back to Hit your target are almost as dangerous then winning traders as many traders due to frustration enter next trade where there is no Risk to Reward and end up losing again.

After a losing a trade, it’s also very tempting to jump back into the market  because traders gets involved in revenge trading. When we are in revenge mode we are trading based on our emotions not based on our logical sense where you are more vulnerable to lose out.  You have to really understand and accept that each trade is unique and you can potentially lose on any one trade; and if you accept that before you enter the trade , you won’t be surprised if the outcome of your last trade is a loss.  Its

The correct thing to do after a winner or loser is to remain disciplined and patient and stick to your trading plan; wait for the next trading Opportunity, Also take a break after a big winner and loser to get back to your senses.

Emotional Self Awareness is the first step towards  successful trading

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  1. Thakore

    Very very true.Many of us have the same experience .Mistakes nobody shares.Your writings are great.I really love to read always

  2. Vineet n

    This was one of the best piece of writing on Trading psychology that I have read. I have fallen prey quite a few times in these traps exactly the way described here.

  3. vinod kulkarni

    This is something one needs remind oneself again & again & again.

  4. Rakesh Dedhia

    Very well said!!! i try same but very difficult to follow in market timings.

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