Sybly Industries Bounce from Demand Zone, Short term Trading Opportunity

Sybly Industries

We have covered this stock in our Last 5 Analysis


1 Analysis

Traders can take long in range of 8-8.2 with SL of 7.7 and Target of 9.2-9.5.

2 Analysis

Traders can take long in range of 9-9.3 with SL of 8.5 and Target of 11.5-12 .

3 Analysis

Traders can add to exiting long from 9.3  9-9.3 in range 10.2-10.3 with SL of 9.5 and Target of 11.56-12-12.9  .

4 Analysis

Traders can enter fresh Longs in range of 12.1-12.2 for Target of 14-14.5 with a SL of Rs 11

5 Analysis

Traders can enter Longs in range of 11.3-11.5 for Target of 14.5-15 with a SL of Rs 10.5

Stock held on to 10.5 and showed move till 12.7 but did not achieve our target and finally triggered Stop loss last Thursday.

As seen in below chart Stock bounced from its demand zone, saw panic selling last Thursday but has almost recovered 10% of fall. Now going forward trading above gann number 11 can see stock heading back towards 13.5/14.5 and moving towards the range of 15-16.

Short Term traders can take exposure to Sybly in range of 10.5-11 and add more above 11.8 with Strict SL of 9.5 for target of 13.5-14.5-16.



The above  Stocks is not investment pick  as I am not expert in Fundamental analysis but a short term pick for gain of 10-20% purely based on Technical Analysis based on my Studies.Please also do your own study before trading this stock and trade in small quantity.

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    Brameshji Sl on closing basis or specific to candles

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