What is true happiness in life?

Sharing with you today is a speech from Dr. Richard Teo, a highly successful and wealthy cosmetic surgen in Singapore.

While at his peak of wealth and health (he exercised a lot to maintain a great body and health, see pictures at the end of this post), he felt backache out of no-where, then he was diagnosed with stage-4 of lung cancer, which he could only live a few months left.

In his speech, he shared his experiences of becoming a really successful surgen doctor and his realization of what is true happiness in life: not wealth, not beautiful cars, not beautiful houses, but the sharing, helping, and caring of family members, friends and people around.

Speech was delivered on 19-January-2012 at a medical school in Singapore. He passed away on 18-October-2012 (40 years old, born in 1972). The sound is not too good so you may have to turn maximum your volume.



  1. Umesh said:

    Thanks for Sharing Sir.
    Do not loose your foot hold on earth while sweeping the skies – No matter what heights we reach need to believe that real happiness is not materialistic its in simple things we appreciate in our daily life

    September 10, 2016
  2. vandana yadav said:


    September 9, 2016

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