STAR,LT and Bata India Darvas Box Analysis



Intraday Traders can use the below mentioned levels

Buy above 1370 Tgt 1382,1400 and 1415 SL 1362

Sell below 1355 Tgt 1349,1336 and 1320 SL 1362


Bata India

Bata India


Intraday Traders can use the below mentioned levels

Buy above 494 Tgt 497,502 and 510 SL 491

Sell below 487 Tgt 484,480 and 475 SL 491




Intraday Traders can use the below mentioned levels

Buy above 1370 Tgt 1378,1388 and 1405 SL 1360

Sell below 1358 Tgt 1350,1333 and 1320 SL 1366


How to trade Intraday and Positional Stocks Analysis  Click on this link

Performance sheet for Intraday and Positional is updated for October Month, Intraday Profit of 1.49 Lakh  and Positional Profit of 2.52 Lakh

  • All prices relate to the NSE Spot/Cash Market
  • Calls are based on the previous trading day’s price activity.
  • Intraday call is valid for the next trading session only unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Stop-loss levels are given so that there is a level below/above, which the market will tell us that the call has gone wrong. Stop-loss is an essential risk control mechanism; it should always be there.
  • Book, at least, part profits when the prices reach their targets; if you continue to hold on to positions then use trailing stops to lock in your profits.

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  1. Shital said:

    Sir really thanks for analysis.

    November 25, 2015
  2. Bramesh said:

    Depends on set up and chart pattern

    November 24, 2015
  3. gopo said:

    How many days work in darvas box trading

    November 24, 2015
  4. suryakant said:

    Thanks for clarification

    November 24, 2015
  5. Bramesh said:

    yes as mentioned they are intraday

    November 24, 2015
  6. Suryakant said:

    Are the levels intraday or positional?,It is mentioned intraday

    November 24, 2015
  7. vikaskvikas said:

    Please look at positional LT level.

    November 23, 2015
  8. Bramesh said:

    Thanks its done

    November 23, 2015
  9. rahulsheth84 said:

    Sir can you please correct the positional trading levels for LT in above post. Thank you.

    November 23, 2015

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