Nifty near demand zone, FII FnO Data Analysis


  • FII’s sold 62 K contract of Index Future worth 1790 cores ,15 K Long contract were squared off by FII’s and 46.8 K  short contracts  were added by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 31.7 K contract, so today’s fall in market was used by FII’s to exit long  and enter  shorts in Index futures  How to Prepare Successful Trading Plan Part-I
  • We have been discussing in previous analysis 7948-7961 is important zone of support below that we can see market moving to sub 7800 zone. Nifty continued with its fall and is tad below the swing low of 7767. Nifty is now entering the demand zone of 7663 holding the same we can see sharp bounceback, unable to close above 7663 on weekly basis can see nifty going all the way down to 7422 levels. Nifty is again near Weekly support line will it lead to bounce ?

Supply Demand


NIFTY - Weekly Trendline


  • Nifty September Future Open Interest Volume is at 2.27 core with addition of 6.5 Lakh with rise in OI and increase in CoC suggesting long position have been added. Rollover stand at 65 % and avg cost of rollover @ 7998.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 1.91  Lakh core with total contract traded at 6.9  lakh . PCR @0.92.
  • 8200  CE  OI at 37.4  lakh , wall of resistance @ 8200 .7900/8200 CE added 13.9  lakh in OI so bears added major position today in 8000/7900  CE and added 53Lakh.  FII bought 29 K CE longs and 36 K CE were shorted  by them.Retail bought 119 K CE contracts and 32.7 K CE were shorted  by them.
  • 7500 PE OI@ 38.8  lakhs  strong base @ 7500.  7900/8100 PE  liquidated 2.5  lakh so no major liquidation was seen by bulls with a 280 point fall in 2 days. FII bought 48 K PE longs and 17 K PE were shorted by them.Retail bought 5 K PE contracts and 51.1 K PE contracts were shorted  by them.Retailers are buying CE and market keeps going down.


Buy above 7760 Tgt 7680,7820 and 7850 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 7710 Tgt 7690,7663 and 7637 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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  1. Bramesh said:

    it will create confusion.

    September 4, 2015
  2. jeejo raveendran said:

    Hi bramesh if possible in ur daily & weekly analysis do include Candle Stick Signals also.

    September 3, 2015
  3. Rajan said:

    NIfty twice came to 7700 to enter longs.Third time will be Crucial .

    resistance 7840 —7940

    September 3, 2015
  4. BTC said:

    Request to MR BRAHMESH, add nifty 200 DMA 100 & 50 to your daily report

    September 3, 2015
  5. PATEL said:

    Swing low is 7663 – PATEL

    September 3, 2015
  6. mynac said:

    7763 for “WEEKLY CLOSE”

    September 3, 2015
  7. Dinesh said:

    Nifty made a low of 7667 on 25th August. So isn’t 7667 the swing low?

    September 2, 2015
  8. Abhinav said:

    If TITAN break 320 support.. we are heading to 290-305 zone where next support lies

    September 2, 2015
  9. Shivakumar said:

    Kimdly Throw some light on TITAN bro…

    September 2, 2015
  10. Abhinav said:

    Sir there seems a typo error- It should be 7663 and not 7763 , right? “Nifty is now entering the demand zone of 7763 holding the same we can see sharp bounceback, unable to close above 7763 on weekly basis can see nifty going “

    September 2, 2015

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