The Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers & Traders

By | May 22, 2015

Do traders make money is frequently asked question in my trading seminar?

I was very happy to discover that the Forbes Rich List was scattered with investors and hedge fund managers who have profited handsomely despite giving fundamentals a back seat.  Here are my favourites from the list:



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  1. Bramesh Post author

    Write down your trading plan and follow it religiously.

  2. Raajjesh Shinde

    Dear Shree
    I have used Mr Sukhani’s name in a sarcastic way I have said I need my daily dose of humour which basically means I find Mr Sukhani’s technical analysis just a joke which I listen and laugh
    Nice to get to know you

  3. The Little Capitalist

    Its really encouraging to read brameshji’s articles- whether its technical or psycholgy encouraging posts.

    Really good articles; can’t find anywhere like that.

    Keep it up ji…we welcome more from u…


  4. The Little Capitalist

    Just for ur information……not discouraging….

    but how they earnnn….Know about The Top in the list ….

    In the summer of 2013, SAC was criminally indicted on insider trading charges. Federal prosecutors charged the fund “with criminal responsibility for insider trading offenses committed by numerous employees and made possible by institutional practices that encouraged the widespread solicitation and use of illegal inside information.” In November 2013, SAC pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $1.8 billion settlement.

    As a result, SAC also agreed to no longer manage outside capital. The fund changed its name to Point72 Asset Management and it currently operates as a “family office” hedge fund that manages Cohen’s wealth and money of its employees, which comes to about $11 billion in assets under management right now.

    Thanks to Business Insider.

  5. Abhi

    Bramesh Ji…Somedayy…. I wish to see you in that list… !

  6. ajit

    same thing was happening with me. but brahmesh sir really good guru. he support me at every stage. keep on following him.

  7. rashmi

    Sir i do read ur blog daily n keep on mind all ur suggested level..still i do all wrong trading and in d evening i say to myself y i loose patience n put d trade by going off d levels…plz suggest how can i trade

  8. Shree

    Dear Rajesh,
    Let me tell you very frankly.. sandeep wagle and sudarshan sukhai are most crap analyst I have ever seen …ahh yes, if you do sometime opposite to their advise and sometimes dont do anything then definitely you can make lots of money… Sometime I think they must be lieing while advising since they are very senior technical advisor..

  9. milanhbk

    Hello sir,
    Can you list out Indian Invsestors Name,
    it can be inspiration for traders like us.

    and their story must be motivational like above persons.

  10. Raajjesh Shinde

    Dear Sir(Bramesh)
    Was trying to find your name couldnt find it either , just kidding been a regular reader of your blog,love ur sincerity and effort that you put into your articles and technical analysis,frankly I read your blog and listen to what sandeep wagle has to say rest I dont even bother yes I do watch nd read Mr Sudharshan sukhani after all I m a human being and need my daily dose of humour
    once again thank you for all ur articles

  11. Rajiv

    Sir, Cud not find my name there..Just kidding

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