Nifty Box Analysis

By | November 22, 2014

Nifty BOX Analysis



As seen in above Nifty Box Nifty made low of 2252 on 27 October 2008 and High of 6336 on 08 Nov 2010 so height of box comes @ 4084 (6336-2252 =4084)


If we Apply the same concept from swing low of 4538 03 Nov 2009, so the current rise can last around 4538+4084 =8622


As per above concept 8622/8650 is the range where we need to be cautious if and when it comes.

15 thoughts on “Nifty Box Analysis

  1. D ANAND

    Dear Bramesh, ur article is interesting , could you pls explain the under cut sell rule of Darvas Box trading with this example
    You have mentioned in one of your previous article

    1) Applying the “Undercut Sell Rule” to Darvas Boxes in order to set new stops and establish more valid support levels.
    2) Recognizing when a Darvas Box should be disregarded because it is actually part of a larger, more reliable, chart pattern.
    3) Evaluating volume to confirm the validity of a Darvas Box breakout or breakdown.
    These three techniques will be explained more thoroughly in future articles at this site “

  2. manish

    hats off to yr analysis Sir.

    Friends in start sir has written 6336 high but in brackets its 6636 so pls do the calcualtions with 6336 and you will get 4084 which added to 4538 gives 8622 .

  3. Rajan

    Sir, what will be the retracement of 4000 point rise !!

    Last time it was 1800 odd points

  4. vinayak

    Dear sir,
    thanx for giving idea of box ,When i reading this blog i use of some stocks and above 85% match it.

    Hats off Bramesh sir,


  5. praba

    it is 4538+4084 not 4384 … be attentive while looking for calculation

  6. robin thacker

    Mr. Vikash Patil levels 4538+4084= 8622….. Hope u got the correct level now.

  7. Vikas Patil

    Sir where are your oldest post where u mentioned the time cycle of Gann on cuurrent structure…and mentioned that if 7540 hold then mkt will top out in dec on X level using gann cycle….I want to that post to read it once again..but can not find in your blog…Request u pls post once again your Gann post….

  8. Vikas Patil

    Sir if we have a total of 4538+4384 =8622 but it”s wrong …the total comes at can we caution around 8622 or 8922… Pls correct

  9. Ranjan

    Highs and lows are formed in October & November. Interesting.

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