Technical Intraday Swing Calls:Rel Infra,ICICI Bank and Rec

By | December 19, 2012



ICICI is facing resistance at its rising trendline and forming a symmetrical triangle.

Buy above 1154 Tgt 1162,1174 and 1196

Sell below 1140 Tgt 1127,1118 and 1105


REC Limited


REC is again facing resistance at its rising trendline.

Buy above 248 Tgt 250,252 and 255

Sell below 242 Tgt 240,238 and 2363

Rel Infra

Rel Infra

Rel Infra is also facing trendline resistance.

Buy above 527 Tgt 531,536 and 540

Sell below 520 Tgt 513,509 and 504

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