Stock Trading Recommendations:SBI,IDFC and Jain Irrigation

By | December 18, 2012

In the world of stock trading there are Master Traders who have control over their emotions and then there are the Gambler traders who buy and sell based purely on emotion whether they realize it or not. A Master Trader combines the skill of a chess player who anticipates an opponent’s moves and plans his own well in advance and also uses the poker player’s bluff in never revealing his hand before he chooses to reveal it. A gambler is simply reacting to his emotions without logic or forethought in what he does.



SBI is showing a breakout on daily charts as stock crossed the resistance of 2237. Today is RBI policy and stock rallying before the policy is sign of caution.Pullback will be seen if RBI disappoint the market once again.

Buy above 2359 Tgt 2372,2395 and 2440

Sell below 2332 Tgt 2321,2300 and 2284



IDFC has formed both Inside Day and NR7 pattern which suggests a big move will be there today.Stock is taking support at rising trendline.

Buy above 174 Tgt 175.5,176.7,178 and 180

Sell below 172 Tgt 171,169 and 167.2


Jain Irrigation

Jain Irrigation

Jain Irrigation gave a 5% move yesterday.Stock has taken resistance and support  at its trendline.Breaking of 75 stock can move towards 77 and unable to break the same pullback should be expected again.

Buy above 74.3 Tgt 75,77 and 78.2

Sell below 72.4 Tgt 70.7 and 69.5

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