1. Abhinay said:

    dear Bramesh sir,
    no update for the budget day?

    March 16, 2012
  2. Ranvirsingh said:

    Dear Brahmesh,

    It seems the macro picture of the stock market is being ignored because of being more focused on the technical side.. for eg. where are the volumes in the gap-ups? can any one say how the gap-up occurred & what were the volumes (longs shorts whatever) in that gap-up? If its a bull rally there has to be a considerable volume to sustain it.. are there any figures with regards to the volumes in each individual options segment of calls & puts?? I am still sceptical that going ahead market will have a bull run.. but these are my views.. just let me know your insights as well…



    March 15, 2012
    • Bramesh said:

      Dear Sir,

      This is liquidity driven rally. Central bankers BOE,ECB,BOJ and Fed are pumping trillion of Dollars and Euro in world market,now where than money will get deployed. It will get riskier assets like Indian markets and BRICS.

      Always remember Bull markets are made up of skepticism. No one will accept its bull market but market will keep on going up.

      Regrading Volumes please check the Options chain we have decent volumes.

      Gap Up occurs because of global factors and closing above gaps do denote buying is coming on lower levels.


      March 15, 2012

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