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By | August 19, 2011

Bears Ruling Dalal Street with Nifty crashing to the most talked and Sacrosanct Level of 4800.

I have came across many traders who have lost a fortune while trading and few people who made a fortune. Trading is a profession in which you require a Army like discipline and a peaceful mind with temperament.

90% of Traders Loose money

So now question arises why Traders loose money?

1. Having No trading system :- Most of Traders i have interacted have no system to trade with. Trading system will help a trader to generate Buy and Sell Levels with a proper Sl.

Trading system should work in all Kind of market and should be properly back tested for at least 3 months.
As an example Trading system i follow has generated the following levels for Today’s

Support for today:4838,4810,4779


So Once i get the Levels my half job is done as I have both buy and sell levels with me.



2. Having no Trading Plan:- Getting Trading levels is not important you need to have a plan to execute those trade with proper sl. You need to develop a trading plan with levels and your emotions written. Belive me writing your emotions will help you a lot.

3. You only trade money you don’t need:- Most of traders who loose money trade with money they require. Once they make a loss they will take more riskier trades and again loose money by doing over trading. Over trading should be avoided.

4. Trading is all about winning average number of trades :- If you think You can make 50% on your trading capital in a month than you are gambling. Trading is more about making money consistently and with discipline. To achieve 50% monthly tgt you need to take riskier trades and if those trades goes wrong you will be at loss of your trading capital.

5. Trading is all about probabilities,Human Ego has no place in this.If you think every trade you do you will come out a winner than you can never become a successful traders. Losing Money is also an Art.

6. Not Maintaining a Trading Journal:- Trading is all about constant learning and evolution. Evaluation is so important to keeping things tuned up that traders analyze every trade to help determine how well the system is anticipating the proper direction and movement of the investment. To accomplish this task, traders keep a Trading Journal.

7. After each trade, the trader analyzes and records specific information about the trade and the mindset of the trader. Not only does the trader learn about the effectiveness of the trade but also the trader learns more about themselves and how they react in certain situations. This regular self appraisal helps to refine the knowledge of ourselves which becomes an invaluable tool not only in trading but also for daily living.

I have Started giving technical Classes on How to Use Trading System (I have developed and personally traded/trading on them).

How to make a Trading Plan and How to maintain a trading Journal

Most Important Discussing and Understanding the Psychology of market.

If you feel you require professional assistance For your trading Please contact Bramesh@09985711341

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  1. Kiran

    HI Bramesh,

    I was going through your post and find it really good. I would like to know more details on the trading course. I am not a full time trader and interested more in positional trading.
    Also will you teach us the system you developed or basic technical course. Please provide more details


  2. Palaniswamy

    Dear Bramesh,

    I started reading your website for the past 10 days. It is really interesting. I am very much interested in the trading system & course details. Kindly provide me the necessary details.

    With Regards,

  3. karthik

    Hello Sir,

    Could you please send me your course details..

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Bramesh Post author

    No Swapnil, am not aware of any such site.


  5. swapnil

    Could you please provide me with the course details too ??
    Also are you aware of any website that provides free Intrday historical data for amibroker ?? I have tried searching on the web but to no avail.

  6. Yoganand

    Hi Bramesh,

    Could you please send me the course details, so that i can learn about technical analysis and equip myself for better trading.


  7. Nagesh

    Hi Bramesh,

    could you please send me the course so that i can read it and help myself to trade better.


  8. Sai

    Hi Bramesh,

    Could you please share the details on the course/trading system as I want to learn abt tech analysis.


  9. Rajesh

    Hi Bramesh,

    Please share with me the necessary course details. i would be interested to know more about it and explore it. Thanks.


  10. GAURAV

    please send an outline of the course and courses you offer for intermediate and professional level.
    Would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  11. Devansh

    Hi could you send me the course/System details please ?

  12. Bramesh Post author

    Dear sir,

    I have sent you the course details.

    Wishing You & Your Family a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!!


  13. Devkant

    Dear Bramesh Sir,

    I found your blog very interesting and helpful. Could you pls send me details of trading system & course.

  14. sourav

    hi brahmesh sir

    i want to know your trading system/course..please send me details

    with regard


  15. Nitin

    Hi Bramesh,

    I came across your website while searching for intraday trading system. The info. you have provided in the website is very helpful. Can U please send me your trading system / course details.

    Thanks & Regards,

  16. vip set

    Hello Mr. Bramesh

    I have just spent almost 2 hours now to read almost all your posts and posts of your reader. It will be indeed a pleasure experience to have some knowledge about stock market through you and your folks. Your work is highly appreciable without any inch of doubt.

    I too want to learn technical skills in market and for info, I am also reading some books on technical analysis etc to know more insight into it. I am into market from last 4 years and i am almost on break even after these years (luckily).

    Now I want to start something new , with technical of the market and not mere on self experienced skills.

    How can you help me ? I dont mind learning the skills (technical) from you because I am ready for it and eager to know more. You have got my e mail ID and I hope I will get some information from myside too.

    Waiting for reply from your side 🙂

    Wishes from Pune 🙂


    Dear Ramesh,
    Please send me the trading course details.



  18. Ravi

    Would appreciate sending me details of your trading system

  19. Deepak

    Hi Bramesh

    Can you please send me the details of the trading course you offer. I am interested in it.


  20. anand nikam

    hi can u pls send me the trading strategy details on my mail id-thanks.anand nikam

  21. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Amanji,

    I would be teaching you how to trade intraday and delivery based.

    Please refer to my attachment regarding course details in previous mail.

    I will not be giving you any tips but assisting you how to trade profitably.

    Please refer to testimonials of clients who have taken the course at this link



    sir i got ur mail bt cud nt u’stand ur method,wil u teach me or wil u give me tips for doing trading?
    nd if u gonna teach me dan wil it be posible 4 me to understand it all so correctly dat i wil start making profit
    if u want u can reply on my mail as well

  23. Bramesh Post author

    Hi Pratikji,

    I have sent you details on your mail.Plz check


  24. pratik

    respected sir,
    i am learning technical analysis. and i also mentined my blog here will u plz give me ur course detail so i can improve myself and also course fee. bz i lost lots of money when i did not know tech analysis and now my all money which i had i lost and now will u plz give me some idea and learn me which is ur expertise and thanks for sharing all details to common man….. heartly thanks…..


    hi sir,

    i came to know bout u from one of my fren, may i knw wt all the services u provide nd wts bout ur course material nd details, luking fwd to listen 4m u soon

  26. Derick JOhn

    I would like to know more about your trading system,


  27. Vaibhav

    Please send me the details about your Trading sysytem Course. Thanking You.

  28. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Sir,

    Fwd you the details. There is no Trail period which I offer,

    I do not provide any TIPS which can be tested on a trail basis.Its the study and use of trading system which I provide

  29. bhaskar

    Hi Bramesh,

    It is interesting to know about the trading which is consistent and generates calls both sides. For earning 10 -15% (which is what I want) in a month and with discipline if it can work, there is nothing like it. I have lots of patience and lots of discipline. So, help with details on the trading software and also whether there is any trial period.

  30. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Anandji,

    Sent you the course details. Please go through it and let me know any clarification required.


  31. Anand Hoskote

    Dear Bramesh, Reading thro the responses, i find myself getting interested in your trading course. I have just begun and would be grateful if you could guide me.Regards and Thanks

  32. Manas Trivedi

    Hello Bharmeshji,

    Thank you for your immediate reply. I value your opinion, but is there something like technical stoploss? I generally do INTRA DAY trading and would not like to take home positions. So I will be thankful if you suggest me a good strategy for intraday trade mainly in nifty. I would also like to refer the trading strategy you follow, if you don’t mind.

    Manas Trivedi.

  33. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Manasji,

    Stop Loss is something which depends on your risk appetite. Think it like X amount of money you can risk for a particular trade.

    Once that limit is reached you need to get out to protect your assest which is your trading capital.

    If you loose your capital you will not be able to play the next day.


  34. Manas Trivedi

    Hello Bharmeshji,

    I am very happy to see that someone is really advising how to trade in stock market with proper technique in free, and that is what people like me need to know strictly, who have made loos of nearly 5 lacs ruppes in stock market in 1 and half year.

    In my case, I have tried all, my broker’s recommendationn, tips that are available but in each case i have lost much amount.

    Since last 2 to 3 months , I have started to learn Technical analysis and regularly watch the show “TALKING TECHNICALS” coming on et now. Now i am doing rading on the system of 5 EMA and 50 EMA crossover, specially in nifty. But though i am not getting right stop loss to put. So i want to know how to decide a stoploss price. I had earned nearly 50000 in month of august but on last 2 expiry day i lost 1,48,000. So also having much loss.

    Please suggest me any other good technique. And for the most, How to set a stop loss trigger price.

    Thanking you in advance.

  35. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Amitji,

    Sent you the Details. All you need is confidence in yourself and I can teach you the rest.

    Discipline and Patience Makes a Trader Successful.


  36. amit

    Dear Sir,

    Please send me the details about the trading sysytem you use.. Also please let me know whether it is easy to use by a person without any practical Technical knowledge.


    Amit Dhir

  37. Karthikeyan

    Please share your course details. Interested in learning.

    Thank you

  38. anirban

    Dear Brameshji,
    I am doing analysis and trading for last 06 years.But
    very much interested to know details of your trading system.

    Thanks and regards,

  39. Vijay

    Hi Bramesh,

    Please me know your trading course details.



  40. charish

    Sir please send me the trading course and trading system details.. i have lost a huge sum of money…… pl help me

  41. mukesh

    Dear Sir,
    Please send me your trading system.
    I lost a lot in market, wanna recover

  42. Vishal Doshi

    Dear Bramesh

    I would be interested to learn technicals from you and would be happy if you could help me build a trading system.

    Kindly email me the details.


  43. wallace


    Please send me the trading system details and course options.


  44. Ashish

    Hi Bramesh

    It was a delightful read. Excellent I would say. I am interested in your trading system course. Please send me details about the same.

  45. Murthy Kadam

    Dear All,

    1) The trading systems are good for self discipline.

    2) The Indicators are good technically,but most of the time its affected by fundamentals, news,expert views

    3) If emotions are controlled,can gain more

    4) Mastering both technical and fundamentals can only yield

    5) Understanding market psychology and moving with it best

    6) Its a pull / Push between Fundamentals & technicals,where fundamentals play a major role as its directly linked to human psychology.


  46. Sanjib



  47. Sanjay Mohata

    Dear Sir,

    I have been following ur blogs almost on regular basis for some time and find them very interesting and helpful. Please accept my compliments for ur awesome work.

    I would like to know more about ur trading concept and the course u r offering. Please sen me the details.

    Thanks & Regards

  48. Bramesh Post author

    Hi Sir,

    The loss you made was the fees you paid to market for not being disciplined. The most important aspect of trading is Trading Psychology.

    I can help you in making the required system with a good hit ratio,Sent you my course details and if you are interested do let me knw.


  49. guotam roy

    I m a tiny trader.I lost almost all my wealth. Want to recover some of that. Thats why I want to learn about technical analysis besides to develop a trading system. What about real time charts and trading software ? How much it costs ? Above all how do I can develop my trading skills ?

    waiting for your guide. Regards- Goutam

  50. siju thomas

    Your articles are excellent and your website is fantastic.
    I got your mail regarding trading course.
    Let me tell you something about myself.
    I am already using IRIS software for equity and TICKERPLANT for commodity.
    I am already earning 8000-10000/- daily trading intraday.
    How can you help me improve on this?
    waiting for a favourable reply.

    email :
    phone : 9898237676

    Kindly contact me.waiting for your response.

  51. Siju Thomas


    send me details of your trading system and course

  52. shamrao Mandlik

    Sir I would like to learn tech analysis corse from u.Pls send details.

  53. Bramesh Post author

    Hi John,

    Sent you Details for Trading courses


  54. john

    please tell me about tech analysis course.whether u provide courses

  55. Harry P

    Thank you sir. As I mentioned to you earlier, I am a learner, more or less following the system and doing reasonably well (compared to my expertise). One thing I was not doing was to change trade size … your comment above gave me further ideas on this aspect. Great !!

  56. Bramesh Post author

    My Pleasure Ajayji.

    Please let me know if you have any doubts on same on my mail id


  57. Bramesh Post author

    Hi Ajayji,

    Sent you the details.


  58. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Harryji,

    I do trades as per my system which generates buy and sell levels,So if markets are trending i do less trades volatile ur trade size increases as both side you need to trade.

    To be frank market learning is an evolving process which can never be measured in time you spent.
    Build a system and trade the system with disciple that’s the best advise i can offer to you.


  59. Ajay

    Hi Bramesh
    Pls send me details of trading system & course contains..



  60. Harry P

    For the last 4 months, I had 4-6 hours per day for learning, and trading.
    For the next 4 months, it will be all work and maybe 45 minutes per day for learning and trading.
    What time commitments will an active trader (professional) require … if the expectations you discussed above were reduced to barely 5% per month.

  61. Harry P

    To get 15%, how many trades on an average you do, per month?

  62. Bramesh Post author

    Dear NRR,

    My trading system is not based on pivots. Pivots I provide are updated daily.


  63. NRR

    The above published figures are based on pivots? The pivots you are providing is not updated daily?

  64. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Sir,

    50% on monthly basis means 600% on yearly basis. Is this number practically possible just give a wild thought.

    Expected return should be in b/w 15-20% that to on monthly basis.

    Get rich slowly.

    if you have 10 Lakhs of capital or 1 Lakh you should have a trading system,trading plan and discipline whenever you execute your trades.

    Start with 1 lakh note down all your trades for that month see how much return you are getting on the capital if it more than 15% you are doing great job if not than you need to review your system and strengthen it.

    Note:The system i teach/trade has been giving me return on consistent basis and i keep making the system strong.


  65. Sandew

    “If you think You can make 50% on your trading capital in a month than you are gambling. ”

    What should be the expected return per month, say on trading capital of Rs 1 lakh and Rs 10 lakhs.

    (PS. capital amount makes a difference. Rs 1 lakh is insignificant if you are actively in futures, hence the two figures of 1 and 10 lakhs)

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