In Continuation with Previous Article W.D. Gann Trading Techniques – I and Gann trend following techniques   365 days is an important cycle of one year. In a circle there…

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Being in denial of one’s trading problems is the most dangerous stage of the trading journey. At one point or another, all traders go through this ‘denial stage’ with their…

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Trading Psychology

FII’s sold 3 K contract of Index Future worth 76 cores, 11.5 K Long contract were squared off by FII’s and 8.5  K  short contracts  were squared off by FII’s. Net Open…

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FII Futures and Options Data Analysis

Trading Psychology

Harmonic Patterns

FII Futures and Options Data Analysis

Almost everyone finds intra-day (margin) trading fascinating. Most young and first-time day-traders especially Option traders feels uits very easy  to  gain 5-10 per cent each day trading in Options. For…

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FII Futures and Options Data Analysis